At Kalo Karma, dogs are family.


When Lola, the black Pom on our label, came into my life, I fell in love. Shopping for her, I found that the treats and meals available were filled with rendered products, chemicals, preservatives and unpronounceable ingredients.

I didn't feel good feeding her things that I wouldn't eat myself. I wanted to give her the best. That meant quality organic and nutritious food and treats—something that reflected my love.

I did loads of research, consulted with Veterinarians and ultimately developed nutrient-rich treats made with clean, organic ingredients. Our research and product development in keeping with these values continues.

From the beginning, a simple truth emerged:

When your dog is family, you choose the best for them. 


You give them love and delicious, nutritious treats!

It was a pleasure keeping Lola healthy and happy because when your dog is family... well, you just want to be a better human being.​

Kalo Karma is all about quality— in everything we do, from our nutritious, organic ingredients to our beautiful re-sealable packaging.  Our product recipes are designed to promote your pup's wellness and they are Veterinarian recommended. Ultimately, Kalo Karma is about love, health & your family dog.


One more thing, "Kalo" is a combination of Karen & Lola. Karen is our founder and Lola, her inspiration. After choosing our name, we learned that "Kalo" means good in Greek— wow, perfect!


As to Karma, well the notion just seemed to capture the goodness Lola gave to us and that we intend to pass on in every product we make for your family dog at Kalo Karma.

Thank you for bringing Kalo Karma products home to your family.